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Top Misconceptions About At-Home Dads

No, stay-at-home dads aren't sitting home watching sports all day - and other common misconceptions. 

Stay-at-Home Dads Spotlight10

Lord of the Fly

Stay-at-home dad Mark Thomas describes another occupational hazard – this one an entertaining look at a mishap with a zipper.

Take Part in Research on Primary Cargiving Fathers

The Temple University Department of Psychology is conducting research examining the attitudes toward fathers as primary and secondary caregivers and is looking

Time Alone with Kids a Good Mother's Day Gift

More than likely a stay-at-home dad's wife doesn't get a good amount of time with the kids to all to herself. So some time alone with the kids can be a good mother's day gift.

Preparing to be a Successful Stay-at-Home dad

Addressing issues like gender roles, stereotypes, financial situations and household duties will go a long way in preparing to be a successful stay-at-home dad and remaining happy in the role into the future.

Stay-at-Home Mom Scholarship Proposal Misses Mark

A state legislator in Missouri has opened a stay-at-home parent can of worms. Republican Rep. Cynthia Davis has proposed a bill that would give stay-at-home

Get Out and Find Fun and Educational Activities with the Kids

There are plenty of fun and educational activities for kids out there that offer great ways for stay-at-home dads to spend the day with their children.

Volunteering with the Kids can be Fun and Educational

Volunteering with the kids is a good way to add to the list of activities for stay-at-home dads and their kids, have fun and teach valuable lessons at the same time.

Use Community Centers for Children's Activities

Use local community centers and parks and recreation centers for an abundance of activities for children. With classes and sessions for kids of all ages, there will never be a shortage of things to do at the rec center.

Check Out Library's Kids Activities

The library's kids activities are plentiful, fun and educational for children of all ages. Take a look at your local branch's schedule to see the fun that awaits your family.

A Good Eating Routine

A good eating routine can establish many healthy habits in children -- from eating right to gaining responsibility.

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