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Evenflo Titan Elite Convertible Car Seat Review

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Evenflo Titan Elite Convertible Car Seat Review

The Bottom Line

Evenflo's Titan Elite Convertible Car Seat is a good choice for any child with many adjustment options and a weight limit from 5 to 50 pounds.
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  • Rear- and forward-facing car seat
  • Holds child up to 50 pounds
  • Four shoulder harness and two buckle strap positions to adjust for kids of any size
  • Spacious and comfortable seat
  • Easy to use


  • Harness tightener can be tough to acess and use
  • A little bulky


  • Rear- and forward-facing seat.
  • Holds kids from 5 to 50 pounds.
  • Five-point harness.
  • Two belt and four shoulder strap positions for easy adjustment for any child.
  • Several comfort features.

Guide Review - Evenflo Titan Elite Convertible Car Seat Review

If you're looking for a one-stop shop for a car seat, Evenflo's Titan Elite Convertible Car Seat is the answer. This great product has everything you need and can virtually be used from birth until a child doesn't need to be in a car seat any more.

The seat can be used as a rear-facing unit for kids from 5 to 35 pounds and forward facing from 20 to 50 pounds. Evenflo says the extra weight allowance means the seat can be used 40% longer than traditional car seats. The seat also has plenty of adjustable features, including two buckle strap and four shoulder strap positions to adjust to kids of any size.

Now, we didn't use the seat for our boys when they were first born, using a carrier until they outgrew it, but the Titan was a perfect fit once they were in it. It was easy to get them in and out of the seat, and to convert it when they were ready to go forward facing.

The Titan is spacious and has head and body pillow and also memory foam padding for the seat. The kids are secure and look comfortable in the unit. That room also means the seat is fairly bulky and takes up a good deal of space in the back of a car, especially a compact car. If not used in the middle seat, the driver or passenger will need to make sure they are not sitting or leaning too far back.

To tighten or loosen the harness can also be difficult, especially when in the rear-facing position. The adjustment handles will nearly be pressing against the car's seat back in this position making it tough to get a grip. You also will have to reach around the child to make it work. Once you get a hang of it, though, the five-point harness is quite secure and a snap to adjust.

Overall, the functionality and longevity of this seat far outweigh those minor inconveniences. Don't be surprised if the seat does indeed stay with your family until the kids don't need it any more.

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