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Find Something Fun to Do with the Kids

Being active with the kids is an important task for any stay-at-home dad. Activities don't have to be a drag and should be something interesting, educational and fun for all involved. There are plenty of options out there for SAHDs and their children.
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Find Fun and Educational Activities with the Kids
Getting out of the house with the kids isn’t just about easing some stay-at-home dad monotony, and the park doesn’t have to be the only place you go. In fact, time out can be a perfect opportunity for a learning experience as well. There are plenty of ways to fill the schedule and get away from home with the kids for some fun and educational activit

Volunteering with the Kids can be Fun and Educational
Volunteering with the kids is a good way to add to the list of activities for stay-at-home dads and their kids, have fun and teach valuable lessons at the same time.

Use Parks and Recreation Centers or Children's Activities
Use local parks and recreation centers for an abundance of activities for children. With classes and sessions for kids of all ages, there will never be a shortage of things to do at the rec center.

Check Out Library's Kids Activities
The library's kids activities are plentiful, fun and educational for children of all ages. Take a look at your local branch's schedule to see the fun that awaits your family.

Get Involved with Kids’ Activities
Use the flexibility of being a stay at home dad by getting involved with chlidren's activities. Volunteer to lead a Scout group or coach a soccer team and help get more hands on with your kids' interests.

Add to List of Activities for Kids with Memberships
An easy way for stay-at-home dads to find more activities for kids is with a membership to the local museum or zoo.

Kids' Activities Don't Have to Cost a Lot
Keeping children active, stimulated and entertained can hit the wallet pretty hard. But kids don’t need a lot to keep happy – not to mention they don’t usually care how much stuff costs. There are plenty of activities a stay-at-home dad can find for the kids that don’t cost a thing. Here are a fe

Take Advantage of Stay-at-Home Dad Volunteer Opportunities
Stay-at-Home Dad Volunteer Opportunities are a good way to help full-time dads get out of the house and help with the kids and in the community.

Activities, Dad Style
Change up some of those same old activities by mixing in things that interest you and the kids will love. You'll get to teach them what you love and they'll get another great experience with dad.

How to Start a Successful Playgroup
Many stay at home dads find playgroups to be a good option for meeting their needs and the needs of their children for socialization. Here are some thoughts about playgroups and making them successful.

5 Musical Instruments to Make at Home
Here are a variety of musical instruments you can make at home for your toddlers and preschoolers.

How to Make Homemade Playdough
Little hands love stimulation, and these playdough recipes will keep them busy for a long time. All can be made at home with standard pantry ingredients.

Gardening with Your Kids
Looking for a good way to spend time with your kids and teach them something about values such as work, nature and the environment? Plant a garden and work with them to grow vegetables and flowers.

Get More Out of Your Time with the Kids
Here are some great, and sometimes creative, ways to get together with your kids in a positive way.

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