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Libraries can be a hidden gem of activity and learning for kids and families. That may seem obvious on the surface, especially with all the books around, but there are many beneficial ways kids can spend time in the local branch.

For starters, get a library card and visit often. Books, movies, music and more are ready to be checked out and entertain and educate the family at home. Then check out what programs the library has for children of all ages. It’s a pretty easy and fun way to get kids excited about reading and more.

Story times, arts and crafts, games, educational toys, movie showings and even exercise programs happen throughout the day, every day at many branches. Many activities are tailored specifically toward age groups – from babies through teens. There also are events for the whole family.

Themes constantly change and can be based on the day of the week or the season. Some events may take registration or have a slight fee, but most are simply open to the public. So find something that fits you and your kids and get out of the house for some good interaction, reading promotion and fun.

Then don’t forget to find another good book or two to take home on the way out.

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