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Use Community Centers for Children's Activities


Want a great outlet for fun with the kids? Seek out your local parks and recreation departments or community centers for children’s activities. Pick up a catalogue or newsletter of what the neighborhood rec center has to offer families and you can get lost in all the ideas.

With classes and programs for babies through teens (and of course many more for adults), the whole family can take part in something at one time or another. There are usually programs during daytime hours for younger kids, focusing on anything from music and art to themes like toy trains or dinosaurs. There are after-school activities for older kids teaching many skills like how to play musical instruments or practice karate.

Of course there also are activities like swim lessons or teaching games like tennis or golf. And don’t forget plenty of team sports options, usually starting for kids as young as 3 years old in sports like tee ball, soccer or kick ball and evolving to the likes of basketball and volleyball for older children.

Special activities for the whole family take place from time to time, as well, such as outdoors activities like hiking or fishing derbies. Really, the list can go on and on and the ideas for things to take part in can be endless. And they often reset each calendar season to keep things fresh.

Be aware, though, that unlike libraries, parks and recreation departments will usually require pre-registration for its programs, which in most cases also comes with a fee. But it could be well worth it for some interaction and fun with the kids.

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