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Getting out of the house with the kids isn’t just about easing some stay-at-home dad monotony, and the park doesn’t have to be the only place you go. In fact, time out can be a perfect opportunity for a learning experience as well. There are plenty of ways to fill the schedule and get away from home with the kids for some fun and educational activities.

Join the Zoo (or a Museum)

More than likely your kids love to go to the zoo or would spend an afternoon at the children’s museum any time you’d take them. So instead of wasting money on admission fees every time you head out, buy a membership for the family. It will pay for itself in only a few visits and give you fun and educational activities any time you are in a pinch for something to do. Plus, it will open the door for special classes, discounts and events reserved just for members.

Get to the Library

Next time you head to the library to check out a book or movie for the children, take a peek at its schedule of events. You might be amazed at the wealth of fun available on a daily basis for kids of all ages, most of which are free or of minimal cost. Story times, playgroups, arts and crafts, games and much more offer an easy excuse to get out of the house to kill a few hours in an entertaining way.

Play at the Rec Center

The local community center or parks and recreation department offers a heck of a lot more than swim lessons (not that those are a bad thing to do). Grab the center’s catalogue of offerings and find something the kids will be interested. A wealth of classes likely exists for all ages (adults, too) and range from one-day affairs to several weeks in length. Of course there are ample sports offerings, but music lessons, art classes and themed educational hours fill out the schedules, which often change for the seasons.

The Value of Volunteering

Volunteering in the community is a great way to get out of the house to spend quality time with the kids and teach them the benefits of helping others. Have them tag along on a Meals on Wheels run, take them to visit with nursing home residents or have them gather some old toys or clothes to give away and then let them hand deliver them at the charity. It will be fun doing these things together and help the kids learn the value of giving back.

Lead the Fun

What better way to take part in fun with the kids than to lead and teach them and their friends in a few extracurricular activities? Use your flexibility as a stay-at-home dad and volunteer to lead a Scout group or coach the soccer team. You’ll get to be even more involved with the children’s interests and could deepen the relationships you’ve already built with the kids.
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