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Dealing with the Financial Aspect of Staying at Home

Dealing with the economics of staying at home is important for dads. Some are facing a single income for the first time; the current economy may have forced others to become SAHDs; or there could be issues with wives being the breadwinners. Handling these dilemmas play a role in the success of SAHDs.
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Economic Topics Stay-at-Home Dads Need to Address
Economic realities can strike in the average stay-at-home dad. Here are a few of economic topics stay-at-home dads need to address.

The Economy's Impact on Stay-at-Home Dads
Stay-at-home dads are not immune to the downsides of a bad economy. What is the impact of tough financial times and can the SAHD adjust?

Work-at-Home Dads Take on Dual Role
Work-at-home dads take on dual role as wage earner and caregiver. Work-at-home dads aren't seen by many as being in the same category as a stay-at-home dad, but many of the responsibilities remain the same.

Dealing with Wives as Breadwinners
Dealing with their wives as breadwinners can be a difficult task for stay-at-home dads as traditional gender roles are ingrained.

Why It Makes Economic Sense To Stay With The Kids
Don't be surprised to find that being a stay-at-home dad comes with some financial advantages.

Adjusting To Life On One Income
Adjusting to a single income can be tough for a new stay-at-home dad and his family. But there are plenty of steps that he can take to make the transition a smooth one.

How to Overcome Your Employment Gap
Here are some tips for stay-at-home parents to remain ready for employment while taking time off to raise the children.

How to Trim Your Budget
Trim the fat in your budget, and redirect your money to the things that are important to you.

Taking Time Off From Work to be a Stay-at-Home Dad
If you are a stay-at-home dad, find out how to make the most of your time at home in order to remain employable for the future.

Calculate Your SAHD Salary
Salary.com has an interesting tool to calculate what a stay-at-home dad would make if he was bringing home a wage for his every day duties.

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