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The Roles and Duties in a SAHD Household

Taking care of the kids isn't the only task most stay-at-home dads have; they also are generally in charge of household chores. Who takes on what in a SAHD household and how does the average full-time dad tackle the cooking, cleaning, washing and maintenance of the home?
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Four Ways to Find Quick and Easy Meals
Being able to make quick and east meals is a must for the stay-at-home dad. Here are four ideas for the SAHD to build an arsenal of quick recipes.

Taking on the Chores Doesn't Need to be a Challenge for SAHDs
Housework might not be the best part about being a stay-at-home dad, but there are adjustments that can help him stay on top of the chores.

Attacking Dinner
With a little prep work, stay-at-home dads can handle the challenges that come with preparing dinner for their families.

Stay-at-Home Dads can add their Signature to the Menu
As stay-at-home dads get more comfortable in the kitchen, they can add their signature to mealtime.

Making Chores Fun and Effective for Dads and Kids
Here are some ideas from stay-at-home dads on how to organize the chores and help the kids learn to be accountable and responsible.

Age Appropriate Chore Charts
Here are some age appropriate chore charts.

Full-Time Dads and Marriage
This FAQ covers questions concerning challenges, keys to success, advice, and more in marriages with a full-time father.

Easy Kids Recipes
There are many ideas for quick and easy meal and snack ideas that kids will love at easy-kids-recipes.com.

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