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How Kids Look at the SAHD

Children are why the stay-at-home parent exists. Kids could be adjusting to the stay-at-home dad role or it is something they have always known. Either way, the children of a SAHD have their own outlook on what it's like to be raised by dad.

When the Kids Miss Mom
It is natural that kids will miss their mom when she is at work. How can the stay-at-home dad handle the tough situation when the kids long for their mom during the day?

Some Signs the Kids Like What an At-Home Dad is Doing
Even if they can't completely verbally communicate it, there are early indications kids think a stay-at-home dad is doing a good job.

Ways Dads Can Connect With Their Children
This story on iParenting.com lists ways the average dad can make more of an impact on his kids.

The Importance of Fathers
This page on fathermag.com offers several selections on the effect fathers have on their children's lives.

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