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Products, Time-Savers and Reviews for the SAHD

There are many time-saving products to help a stay-at-home dad take care of his kids. Take a look at reviews of everyday tools a SAHD can use to make his task a little easier.
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'Mr. Mom' Movie Review
The movie Mr. Mom is a sore spot for many stay at home dads. But taking a closer look, the film actually tackles many big stay-at-home dad issues fairly well. And it can be entertaining, too.

Cheap Essentials for Parents
While consumerism defines our culture, smart parents of young children save money where they can. Creative parenting doesn't cost a lot of money as you will see with these cheap essentials for parents.

Great Toddler Potty Training Products
Potty training can be a stressful time for parent and child. These six items may make the road to no diapers easier, and more fun, for everyone.

Top 8 Stationary Play Centers for Baby
An exersaucer, or stationary play center, is a great way for baby to stand up and build leg strength. Exersaucers offer fun toys and interactive features, plus sturdy frames and convenience features that both parents and babies will love.

Top 10 Classic Baby Toys for Imagination and Learning
Here are top picks for classic, inexpensive baby toys that are sure to spark your child’s imagination and provide a fun learning experience.

VTech V-Smile Learning System
Vtech has created a fun and educational game console in the V-Smile Learning System. Though three- and four-year-olds may have some trouble figuring out the V Smile games, they will enjoy trying and will love the simple graphics and the bright buttons.

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