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Kelty Kids Frame Carrier

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Kelty Kids Frame Carrier

Kelty Kids FC1


The Bottom Line

The Kelty Kids Frame Carrier is a good tool to keep active with your little one in tow. Designed for kids up to 50 pounds, it can be used throughout much of the toddler years. There are several different versions of the carrier from those designed for longer hikes with more storage and comfort features to a basic unit for short outings. Use it on a hike in the hills, going for a stroll through the neighborhood or on a trip to the zoo.
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  • Comfortable, small and lightweight
  • Can hold kids up to 50 pounds
  • Easy to adjust straps and harness
  • Can take anywhere
  • Kids will enjoy the ride


  • Can be difficult to get child on back by yourself
  • Can shift the center of gravity of the adult


  • A child carrier worn as a backpack.
  • Carrier kids up to 50 pounds.
  • Five-point safety harness for the child.
  • Small and Lightweight.
  • Several versions designed for intended use.

Guide Review - Kelty Kids Frame Carrier

The Kelty Kids Frame Carrier is perfect for a family on the go. It’s fairly simple to load junior up and go anywhere, regardless of terrain. That makes it a pretty good alternative to a stroller, which is mostly limited to smooth trails and sidewalks. It also can help you keep active and add some exercise to an otherwise normal outing. And your kid will love the different point of view.

There are several versions of the frame carrier depending on your intended use (long hikes vs. shorter walks) and there are separate accessories including rain hoods and baby mirrors. The carrier is light – the FC 1.0 is less than five pounds – and not large in size. It easily fits in a trunk of a car without taking up much space.

Use is straightforward. You slip the child into the seat of the backpack and put it on. You can adjust how the child fits into the seat and there is a five-point safety harness for the youngster. Once you are wearing the backpack, adjust to the weight of the child and how he or she fits on you with the shoulder and waist straps. It is probably a good idea to place a much of the weight on your waist, but it is simple to shift weight around depending on your comfort level.

The backpack holds a child up to 50 pounds, which may get a little heavy for some. With heavier kids, your center of balance can be thrown off, but it doesn’t take long to adjust to the load. The unit is comfortable, especially with kids 2 years old and under. The best way to load is to put the child in first and then slip on the shoulder straps. This makes it a little difficult to safely use alone and you’ll probably need a fellow adult to help get the backpack on and off.

It can be a little pricey, up to $200, but if you are out and about a lot or like to venture off worn paths, it will get used. And once it’s on, you are set to go pretty much anywhere.

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