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SAHDs Share Their Stories

Whether new to the stay-at-home-dad role or a 10-year veteran, any SAHD has an interesting tale to tell. Good or bad, funny or sad, share your experiences with your kids as a full-time dad.

Share Your Stay-at-Home Dad Stories
Have a SAHD story you'd like to share on About Stay-at-Home Dads? This is your chance. We are seeking original content by and for SAHDs.

Living the SAHD Dream
Becoming a stay-at-home dad was a dream that was realized.

Help Me Obi Wan, You're My Only Hope!
Stay-at-home dad Toby J. Swager tells of the joy spending time with his daughters and how they've picked up on his interests.

Lord of the Fly
Stay-at-home dad Mark Thomas describes another occupational hazard – this one an entertaining look at a mishap with a zipper.

The Trials and Tribulations of a Stay-at-Home Dad
This story on iParenting.com by a veteran stay-at-home dad tells of the challenges, and joys, the role offers.

His Life As A Part-Time SAHD
A writer for Saturday Night Live discusses in USA Weekend how he takes care of the kids before he heads to work in the afternoon.

Odd Man Out
In this Washington Post piece, a stay-at-home dad addresses the stigmas a SAHD has and wonders about what the future may hold.

When Dad Stays Home
CNN.com recently profiled a stay-at-home dad with three daughters.

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