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Six Gifts for the Stay-at-Home Dad


When it is time to give gifts, think about rewarding your stay-at-home dad with something that will keep him fresh and at the same time remind him he is appreciated. Here are six gift ideas for the stay-at-home dad:

Movie Mail

Parents in general don’t have time for entertainment, and the stay-at-home types would love to actually get out of the house without the kids once in awhile. But hitting the movie theater or even a rental store isn’t feasible very often. Still, catching up on movies can be an easy task and a quick escape a few times a week without leaving the house. Netflix and Blockbuster offer Internet and by-mail plans with varying number of movies and prices. It’s a great way to get an entertainment fix and to keep up on the current releases even if there is no time for it.

A Sports Package

It’s a given that the average stay-at-home dad likes sports. So give him a chance to further unwind at the end of the day by adding a sports package to the cable or satellite TV lineup. Most professional and college sports offer some sort of season package where you can get all the games through the set-top-box. For virtually the price it would cost to take the entire family to one game, dad could watch 10 in one night. It would be a gift that lasts all sports season long.

Cooking Supplies

Preparing meals for the family can be a great release for a stay-at-home dad. Give him the chance to really flex his muscles in the kitchen by updating what he has to cook with. Stylish and functional pots and pans and utensils, a good griddle, blinder, toaster oven or whatever cooking toys you think he could use and enjoy to help make dinnertime run a little smoother. Throw in a couple of quick-meal idea cookbooks and see what the budding chef can whip up next.

A Maid

Hey, even if cleaning is part of the stay-at-home gig, most of us don’t like it. Throw in whirl-wind children who mess up everything as soon as the cleaning gets done, and there are much better ways to spend the day. After the kids are finally down for the night, the last thing we want to do is rev up the vacuum cleaner. If someone would come in and at least wipe down the place every now and then, keeping it from being an actual health hazard, we could focus on more productive things than the trail of the kids’ playtime havoc.

His Own Space

The kids rightfully take up a lot of time and are glued to the hip throughout most of the waking hours. There’s probably not much of an escape from the chaos, even within the house. Figure out an area where dad can be himself, even if for a few moments a day. A space in the garage for tools and building; an empty room converted to a den or workspace for sports watching, video game playing or actual work; even a cordoned off space in the family room for his computer. Having a spot just for him without interference from the little owns would be a great escape.

A Day Off

It goes without saying that being a stay-at-home dad means being on the clock as long as the clock is ticking. There is very little time for a release. Give the dad in your life a chance to get away on his own to do whatever he wants, even if that means sitting in front of the TV all day with no other obligations. Let him sleep in, not have to worry about changing diapers, feeding hungry mouths or tackle tantrums for 24 hours. The break, no matter how it is spent, will be a nice refresher for when the clock starts ticking again.

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