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Why Children Need a Routine
The importance of routine for children is a big topic for stay at home dads to focus on. Getting and keeping kids in a routine establishes many good habits.
7 Ways Stay-at-Home Dads Can Feel Less Isolated
A feeling of isolation is a very real side effect for stay at home dads. It may be impossible to avoid feeling isolated all the time, but with work, a SAHD doesn't have to be trapped by it.
6 Crucial Steps to Becoming a Happy, Healthy Dad
There are many stresses the stay-at-home dad can, and probably will, face. A good deal of that pressure is internal. It is an absolute must that stay-at-home dads remain content with the role, or else the entire family can suffer. Keeping the SAHD happy and healthy can be as simple as focusing on these tasks.
The 10 Biggest Misconceptions About Stay-at-Hom...
Stay-at-home dads face numerous stereotypes, many of them negative. Here is a list of top misconceptions about at-home dads.
How to Know If You're Ready to Be a Stay-at-Hom...
A lot of dads would love to make the jump to full-time fatherhood, but there are several factors to consider before making the decision
A Good Eating Routine
A good eating routine can establish many healthy habits in children -- from eating right to gaining responsibility.
Six Gifts for the Stay-at-Home Dad
Here are six gifts for the stay-at-home dad to keep him fresh and let him know he's appreciated.
HALO SleepSack review
The HALO SleepSack is a wearable blanket that is perfect for parents looking to keep their babies warm and snug but also in a safe sleeping environment.
Preparing to be a Successful Stay-at-Home dad
Addressing issues like gender roles, stereotypes, financial situations and household duties will go a long way in preparing to be a successful stay-at-home dad and remaining happy in the role into the future.
Stay-at-Home Dad Advantage: No Child Care
An advantage of being a stay-at-home dad is no child care. Not only does a SAHD not have to worry about someone else watching his kids, he gets to spend all day with the children in return.
Work-at-Home Dads Take on Dual Role
Work-at-home dads take on dual role as wage earner and caregiver. Work-at-home dads aren't seen by many as being in the same category as a stay-at-home dad, but many of the responsibilities remain the same.
'Mr. Mom' Movie Review
The movie Mr. Mom is a sore spot for many stay at home dads. But taking a closer look, the film actually tackles many big stay-at-home dad issues fairly well. And it can be entertaining, too.
Stay-at-Home Dad Housework Doesn't Need to be a...
Housework might not be the best part about being a stay-at-home dad, but there are adjustments that can help him stay on top of the chores.
Attacking Dinner
With a little prep work, stay-at-home dads can handle the challenges that come with preparing dinner for their families.
Why Routine is so Important for Kids and for Dads
In order to avoid the chaos an unstructured day can create, stay-at-home dads need to respect the importance of routine. That structure can help develop good habits in kids and held the SAHD get through the day.
How to Avoid Burnout
Burnout can come easy for a stay-at-home dad, but there are plenty of ways to avoid the situation. Among the ideas, do activities with the kids you enjoy or go on a date with your wife.
Evenflo Titan Elite Convertible Car Seat Review
Evenflo's Titan Elite Convertible Car Seat review.
Top Reasons to Be a Stay-At-Home Dad
There are plenty of solid reasons to be a stay-at-home dad. Here are top reasons to leave the daily work grind behind and replace it by spending those hours with your children.
How to Deal with Your Wife as the Breadwinner
Dealing with their wives as breadwinners can be a difficult task for stay-at-home dads as traditional genger roles are ingrained. But by communicating openly with their spouses and working out their feelings, SAHDs can be comfortable with their breadwinning status.
Stay-at-Home Dads Also Benefit from Routine
A good routine isn't just important for kids. Stay-at-home dads need to benefit from routine as well.
5 Ways to Adjust to Life on One Income
Adjusting to a single income can be tough for a new stay-at-home dad and his family. But there are plenty of steps that he can take to make the transition a smooth one.
Add a little Cheer when Holiday Shopping with...
Holiday shopping with the kids doesn't have to be a chore. Here are a few ways for stay-at-home dads to mark off their Christmas lists and have fun with the kids at the same time.
Kelty Kids Frame Carrier
A stay-at-home dads review of the Kelty Kids Frame Carrier.
How You (Yes, You) Can Take a Guilt-Free Break
Stay-at-home dads require a break from the action from time to time, but it can be tough getting it without feeling guilty. With some work, it is possible to get a guilt free break.
When Mom isn't Comfortable with Move to...
A family's decision to go to a stay-at-home dad can be a tough one on mom. It's important to make sure she is comfortable and supports the new role before moving forward.
Responding to Stay-at-Home Dad Stereotypes
Responding to stay-at-home dad stereotypes can be a challenge when other's opinions are constantly directed at a full-time father, but with a little thought and patience, the high road can be taken.
When the Kids Miss Mom
It is natural that kids will miss their mom when she is at work. How can the stay-at-home dad handle the tough situation when the kids long for their mom during the day?
The Tough Question
Explaing what a stay at home dad does is not always clear cut. Some dads don't mind saying exactly what they do and others aren't always comfortable sharing. In the end, he has to figure out what he is comfortable with.
Economic Topics Stay-at-Home Dads Need to Address
Economic realities can strike in the average stay-at-home dad. Here are a few of economic topics stay-at-home dads need to address.
Finding the Same Page on Stay-at-Home Dad...
With one parent with the children a lot more than the other, conflicts over how the kids are disciplined are sure to arise. There are ways a stay-at-home dad and his spouse can get on the same page when discipline the kids is necessary.
5 Ideas for Fun and Educational Outings
There are plenty of fun and educational activities for kids out there that offer great ways for stay-at-home dads to spend the day with their children.
How SAHDs Can Stay Intellectually Stimulated
Stay-at-home dads need to find ways to keep themselves mentally sharp and intellectually stimulated after hours with young children. Here are some ideas to keep the SAHD mind fresh.
Fun Holiday Activities for Stay-at-Home Dads...
There are no shortage of fun holiday activities for stay-at-home dads and their families.
Why It Makes Economic Sense To Stay With The Kids
Why It Makes Economic Sense For Dads To Stay With The Kids economic advantages of staying at home stay-at-home dad economic advantages sahd economic advantages at-home dad economic advantages SAHD financial advantages one income childcare costs gas prices economy cut costs savings
Stay-at-Home Dads Coping with being Sick
There are no sick days for stay-at-home dads, but even when feeling well they must press on. How to ease at least some of the pain of being sick as a stay at home dad.
Graco Quattro Tour Duo Stroller Review
This review details the Graco Quattro Tour Duo Stroller, as a great double stroller option with good features, a compact design, and a low price tag.
Check Out Library's Kids Activities
The library's kids activities are plentiful, fun and educational for children of all ages. Take a look at your local branch's schedule to see the fun that awaits your family.
Stay-at-Home Dads Don't Have to Break the Bank...
Stay-at-home dads can save on holiday shopping with a little planing.
Graco CarGo Booster Car Seat Review
Stay-at-home dads Graco CarGo Booster Car Seat review.
KitchenAid Professional Fruit Slicer
The KitchenAid Professional Fruit Slicer makes preparing a quick healthy snack for the kids a snap.
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