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SAHD Health and Sanity

Spending most of the day with young children can be a drain on a stay-at-home dad. So keeping the body healthy and the mind fresh is an important goal for the SAHD.

6 Keys to Keeping the Stay-at-Home Dad Happy and Healthy
There are many stresses the stay-at-home dad can, and probably will, face. A good deal of that pressure is internal. It is an absolute must that stay-at-home dads remain content with the role, or else the entire family can suffer.

Every Day Tasks Help Stay-at-Home Dads Stay Active
Many stay-at-home dads long to be more active, but in reality, their everyday tasks may provide a surprising amount of exercise.

Stay-at-Home Dads Coping with being Sick
There are no sick days for stay-at-home dads, but even when feeling well they must press on. How to ease at least some of the pain of being sick as a stay at home dad.

Breaking Through SAHD Isolation
A feeling of isolation is a very real side effect for stay-at-home dads. It may be impossible to avoid feeling isolated all the time, but with work, a SAHD doesn't have to be trapped by it.

How to Avoid Burnout
Burnout can come easy for a stay-at-home dad, but there are plenty of ways to avoid the situation. Among the ideas, do activities with the kids you enjoy or go on a date with your wife.

How SAHDs Can Stay Intellectually Stimulated
Stay-at-home dads need to find ways to keep themselves mentally sharp and intellectually stimulated after hours with young children. Here are some ideas to keep the SAHD mind fresh.

How To Exercise with the Kids
How can a busy dad fit in his exercise regimen when he has responsibility for the kids? Smart and fit dads find ways to involve the children in exercise.

Health Checkups For Dad
This checklist is designed to be a maintenance schedule for your body. It lets you know, based on your age, how frequently you should check into the various operating systems of your body.

Quick Exercises for Busy Dads
With today's busy lifestyle, dads are finding it harder and harder to make time for exercise. About Fatherhood guest author, nutritionist and personal trainer Tracey Mallett shares suggestions about quick and easy exercises dads can do in between their many other activities.

Study Examines SAHD's Psychological Well-Being
This feature story published by the University of Texas at Austin discusses research being done by Dr. Aaron Rochlen, a counseling psychologist at the school's College of Education, which is looking at the psychological effects of being a stay-at-home dad.

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