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The Importance of Routine


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Want to see chaos in action? Then go about daily life with no structure for young kids. If the house is still standing at the end of a week, there may be a revelation regarding the importance of routine for a stay-at-home dad's family.

Routine is important for both parent and child. It can help establish good habits, healthy living, and, which sometimes can seem like the most important thing to a SAHD, it can get everyone through the day in one piece.

For Children

There is much information out there about how important routines are for children. It helps with sleeping, eating and gives them a sense of security in a world where they have very little control. The list can go on and on.

Sticking to a good schedule on naps is going to lessen the shock on the kid’s system when naptime arrives. That, in turn, should mean an easier time, with less fighting, falling asleep. A bedtime routine at night – brush teeth, bath, story, and so on – will also help the children know what is expected during the time of day, help them wind down and fall asleep easier. That will turn into a better night’s sleep, which will equal well-rested and happier kids.

Food falls along the same lines. Eating at about the same times every day will help them understand when the next meal is coming and keep hunger in check. It will establish good eating habits by not allowing constant snacking, meaning they’ll actually eat their dinner.

Set times for play and creative activity will give them something to look forward to. Having them help around the house or with errands on a routine basis will help establish a sense of responsibility.

Giving them a structured environment will likely result in a sense of comfort for kids. That should mean better behavior, which results in less chaos, which means an easier day for dad.

For Dads

Speaking of which, routines are also an integral part of a stay-at-home dad’s day. Not only can keeping with some standard practices help get things done, it may be what pushes dad across the finish line every day.

Hey, to some extent, even if it seems repetitive, the structure may be as much for the stay-at-home dad’s benefit as anyone. No need letting a lack of balance turn the kids into uncontrollable pack of animals.

Adhere to eating and sleeping schedules especially but it can be a good idea to change up activities. There’s no law that says the park is the only place to go and have fun. Find unique things to do every day. That will keep work fresh and dad’s spirit happy. The kids will enjoy it, too.

Some structure will also help a SAHD feel like he is getting something accomplished. It breaks down the day, which at times can grow awfully long. Get through lunch and there may be a nap on the horizon which could lead to a break for dad. That afternoon play time means only an hour or so until mom gets home. And so on.

Chaos doesn’t need to rule the roost and routines don’t have to be bland to make daily life more structured and enjoyable for the at-home dad family. That should help dad stay more content on the job.

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